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  1. Comparing the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra to the Apple iPhone 13: Differences in Price and Features Explained

    Galaxy S21 vs Apple iPhone 13

    With the dynamic screen display, incredible zoom, long battery life, fast charge, and speedier 5G internet, Samsung took it to the next level with its latest offering, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. If you are an Apple disciple, don’t hang your head in dismay just yet. The iPhone 13 launches in September, and there’s plenty to get hyped about.

    Besides brand preference, what is the technical difference between the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13? Does one phone offer enough to sway you from one team to the other? Here we break down the key feature differences between the iPhone 13 and Samsung S21 Ultra based on the categories of screen display, camera, battery, storage, and price.

    Which phone will you choose?

    Screen Display

    Right off the bat, the Samsung S21 Ultra is larger at 6.8 inches versus the iPhone 13 at 6.1 inches. However, the iPhone Pro Max model will be larger and closer in size at 6.7 inches. Both displays utilize Corning Gor

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  2. Top 5 Refurbished Laptops Under $300

    The Top 5 Refurbished Laptops Under $300

    Are you on the hunt for a new laptop with about $300 in your pocket? Yes, that’s a crazy low price for a computer, but don’t throw up your hands in defeat just yet. It won’t be a brand-new model, but refurbished laptops under $300 from The Store are indeed a thing. And the best part? takes its Certified reStored process seriously, testing all electronics to the perfection, so you can get a device that works even better than one right out of the box.

    These computers aren’t for serious gaming or film editing buffs, but if you’re a student, work from home, or travel, these used laptop deals are a perfect fit for you. Let’s pick out a better-than-new computer with your budget in mind.

    Here are our top 5 refurbished laptops for under $300 — happy shopping!

    Lenovo Chromebook 14" 4GB RAM Chrome OS Mineral

    Lenovo C
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  3. Earth Day 2021: How Refurbished Electronics Create a More Sustainable Planet

    The Store Featured Blog Image - Earth Day

    Earth Day 2021 is almost here! Whether it’s hiking along a forest trail, kayaking a freshwater river, or eating lunch in the park — who doesn’t appreciate quality time on nature’s playground? But it’s no secret that humans also take a toll on the planet, primarily through unsustainable manufacturing processes. Did you know it takes 75 pounds of mined ore to make just one iPhone? Multiply that by the 217 million phones worldwide, and you can see why Mother Earth needs a break from constant new product development. But what can you do about it?

    Remember the slogan, “Reduce, reuse, recycle”? Recycling old electronics is part of the solution, but the key is to reduce manufacturing demand by reusing gently used devices. When you buy refurbished, you’re keeping products in circulation longer and preventing needless waste.

    The Store does our part by restoring pre-opened, returned, and overstock electronics from retailers worldwide and finding new homes with conscious customers like

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  4. Best Easy-To-Use Refurbished Tablets Even Grandma and Grandpa Would Try

    Best Easy-To-Use Refurbished Tablets Even Grandma and Grandpa Would Try

    What’s larger than a smartphone but small enough to carry everywhere in a backpack or purse? If you’re looking for the Goldilocks of devices, a tablet could fit just right. The bigger screen size is perfect for watching your favorite shows, and the familiar touch screen layout functions just like your phone. And if you don’t need all the jazzy features of a laptop, a tablet can also mean “happily ever after” for your budget. has a wide selection of refurbished tablet deals, and we’ve narrowed them down to our top picks of the best tablets for cheap. These devices make it simple to play games, video chat, and scroll through your vacation photos without needing to zoom in. Several are even under $50! Here are our top 5 tablets even Grandma and Grandpa would try that won’t break the bank.


    1. Lenovo Android Oreo Slate

    This easy-to-use tablet from Lenovo checks all the boxes: It’s got a high-resolution 10-inch display with Dolby Atmos Aud

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  5. How to Find the Right iPhone for You

    The Store Blog Image featuring iPhone 12

    Are you shopping for a new (refurbished) iPhone? In 2021, it’s hard to count all the possible options on only two hands — and if you’ve gone into information overload trying to compare specs, sizes, and prices, you’re not alone. Before you give up — don’t! — we’re here to help. At, we know a thing or two about the top brands in electronics and how to find the best iPhones for cheap.

    To whittle down your search, focus on the iPhone specs that align with your top priorities. Need a great camera phone for work or travel? Do you want something that can fit in your pocket? Or maybe the iPhone that offers the best overall bang for your buck will do the trick. When it comes to the categories of price, value, camera, storage, and size, here’s how to find the right iPhone for you.


    1. Price

    Apple iPhone SE (2020 edition)

    If you’re in the market for an iPhone but go into shock when you see the prices, then the iPhone SE is for you. Appl

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