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  1. Guide to Optimizing Your iPhone for Productivity, Health and Fitness

    Guide to Optimizing Your iPhone for Productivity, Health and Fitness

    Candy Crushin’ while standing in line to order food, Instagramming a photo of your lunch tacos, and scrolling through the latest TikTok videos as you eat ALL of the guacamole — sound familiar? Like most iPhone users, you probably spend a lot of time doing mindless things like playing games and browsing social media. Did you realize that you hold more computing power in the palm of your hand than there was on the Apollo 11 rocket to the moon? What if you could harness that power for good to improve your life?

    We sell a lot of iPhones at, and we’ve learned a thing or two about how to streamline settings, apps, and tools to help you get the most out of your day (and even sleep better at night).

    Here we present 10 simple tips to optimizing your iPhone for productivity, health, and fitness.

    Turn off notifications (at least most of them)

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  2. Best Refurbished Laptops for Music Production

    Best Refurbished Laptops for Music Production

    Apple has reigned supreme for years as the best laptop brand for music production. After all, the Apple MacBook Pro is the only portable platform for Logic Pro X. By contrast, PC devices have generally fallen short in their music-making capabilities. But today is a new day for PC technological offerings, and brands like Asus, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Dell are stepping up to the plate to offer musical novices and lyrical geniuses top-notch performance on the go.

    Regardless of which new or refurbished music production laptop you choose, make sure to determine what features are most important to you first. You'll want to consider things like power, memory specifications, storage capacity, weight, and size for your needs today–and the future when your DJ hobby becomes a stadium sell-out career.

    So let’s dive in. Here we review The Store’s best refurbished laptops for music production from Microsoft, Lenovo, Dell, Apple, and Asus.

    Refurbished Micro

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  3. Best Discount Gaming PC Laptops

    Best Discount Gaming PC Laptops

    The best gaming laptops and computers are continually launching with advanced features, cutting-edge designs, faster speeds, and longer battery lives. Unfortunately, such super-charged technology can make gaming an expensive hobby to maintain, but it shouldn't have to be that way. At The Store, we believe gamers like you should have the top PC gaming devices with a solid performance on the cheap (relatively speaking). With The Store's extensive gaming laptops inventory, you can find affordable options that seamlessly handle the newest PC games along with top-tier feature capabilities.

    Whether you're a fiscally responsible shopper looking to buy a computer for yourself or a loved one, The Store has high-quality PC laptops for gaming on sale that won't empty your bank account.

    Check out our list of refurbished PC gaming laptops now!

    ASUS ROG Strix Ryzen 3.6GHz NVIDIA GeForce

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  4. Father's Day Gift Guide 2021: Best Deals For Your Tech Savvy Dad

    Father's Day Gift Guide 2021: Best Deals For Your Tech Savvy Dad

    Fishing, bowling, camping, bad jokes — these are just a few of our dads' favorite things. Do you know what else gets his blood pumping with excitement? Electronics! Yes, dazzling flat-screen TVs to watch his favorite shows and teams, home stereo systems to hear all the action in surround sound, and game console accessories for when Call of Duty... calls. There's just one problem: Fancy electronics are expensive.

    Rather than claiming defeat and gifting Dad another pair of socks, head to for the ultimate selection of Father's Day gifts. Our wide selection of the best refurbished electronics means you can buy the latest tech from top brands for less without sacrificing quality. From stereo speakers and iPads, to headphones and video cameras — you can get all of these and more, often for half price!

    Here are a few of our top picks of the best electronics deals from our Father's Day Gift Guide on the Cheap to

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  5. Best Deals on Electronics for Father’s Day 2021

    Best Deals on Electronics for Father’s Day 2021

    Whether he’s playing catch in the backyard or teaching you how to change a tire, is there anyone who has your back more than dear ol’ Dad? Dad always tries to set you up for success, so show him your appreciation this Father’s Day with a gift he’ll love almost as much as football Sunday — electronics!

    Of course, Dad taught you to be responsible with your cash flow. Thanks to the incredible inventory of refurbished items on, you have access to high-quality gadgets from today’s top brands without blowing your budget. From gaming consoles-for-cheap to smartwatch sales, here are our top picks of the best Father’s Day deals on top brands in electronics.

    Protocol Kaptur GPS II Wi-Fi Drone with HD Camera

    Protocol Kaptur GPS II Wi-Fi Drone with HD Camera

    Is there a person who can resis

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