1. How to Find the Right iPhone for You

    The Store Blog Image featuring iPhone 12

    Are you shopping for a new (refurbished) iPhone? In 2021, it’s hard to count all the possible options on only two hands — and if you’ve gone into information overload trying to compare specs, sizes, and prices, you’re not alone. Before you give up — don’t! — we’re here to help. At, we know a thing or two about the top brands in electronics and how to find the best iPhones for cheap.

    To whittle down your search, focus on the iPhone specs that align with your top priorities. Need a great camera phone for work or travel? Do you want something that can fit in your pocket? Or maybe the iPhone that offers the best overall bang for your buck will do the trick. When it comes to the categories of price, value, camera, storage, and size, here’s how to find the right iPhone for you.


    1. Price

    Apple iPhone SE (2020 edition)

    If you’re in the market for an iPhone but go into shock when you see the prices, then the iPhone SE is for you. Appl

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  2. 5 Features You Didn’t Know Your iPhone 12 Pro Had

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    Faster internet speed, better picture quality, new emojis — if you have the latest iPhone 12 Pro, then you’re probably giddy to enjoy the cutting-edge technology at your fingertips. But if you think the iPhone 12 Pro is here only to up your texting game and display Instagram stories in HD, you better think again.

    Yes, Apple blessed its latest iPhone 12 Pro models with the best camera phones, 5G data capability, and ceramic-shielded glass to withstand drops. But what about the features hidden beneath that crystal-clear OLED screen? At, we not only offer the best deals to get the latest smartphones into your hands at the lowest prices, but we also know a thing or two about the remarkable technology these models offer.

    Here are five features your iPhone 12 Pro has that you might not know about.


    1. Shoot Videos Faster and Easier

    Imagine this: You’re taking photos of beautiful mountain scenery on a camping trip, and a family of de

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  3. Top Refurbished Smart TVs for March Madness 2021

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    Are you as excited as we are that March Madness is coming back to prime time this year? Now, all you need is a new Certified ReStored TV to boost your viewing experience from subpar to HD. Unfortunately, you still can't safely watch your favorite NBA teams at a crowded bar – so why not bring that high-definition, stereo-sound experience right to your living room?

    If your screen needs an upgrade, has the best selection of top refurbished smart TVs from the most sought-after brands in tech. With the Ides of March just around the corner, there's no better time than now to score yourself a hot deal.

    Here are our top 5 picks of smart TVs for March Madness 2021.



    1. Refurbished VIZIO 43in Class 4K Smart LED TV

    VIZIO stepped up its game with the all-new V-Series 4K HDR Smart TV. The lightning-quick IQ Active processor and Dolby Vision HDR deliver superior picture processing so you can enjoy breathtaking 4K quality at four times the resolution of full HD. Dynamic Motion Rate 120 has a high-speed refresh rate to adjust pixel-level brightness and full-array backlighting, which means exceptional clarity and contrast in action scenes in sports and everyday TV. Plus, you'll hear every basket swoosh and referee whistle from the advanced virtual surround sound audio built into the TV's speakers. To keep the entertainment going between games, the V-Gaming Engine with Auto Game Mode makes the latest console games more responsive at the lowest input lag. VIZIO's a

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  4. Top 5 Used Laptops to Buy on the Cheap

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    Are you in the market for a laptop but don't have enough bank to break on a brand-new device? Fortunately, refurbished laptops from The Store are even better than new because you get all the same features and functions as out-of-the-box products–at a deep discount.

    Whether you need a computer for work, videos, music production, graphics, or entertainment, has the best used laptop deals for all your needs. All devices are rigorously inspected, thoroughly sanitized, carefully data wiped, and free of visible scratches. That means you save big without sacrificing quality.

    Here we list the top 5 best used laptops to buy on the cheap for every occasion.



    1. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook 10.1" FHD Touchscreen MediaTek


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  5. Are Refurbished Electronics as Good As New?

    Are Refurbished Electronics as Good As New?

    Technology advanced so quickly in the new millennium that the power of a personal computer now fits in your palm. However, along with progress came climate change, high tuition costs, and a pandemic-fueled recession that just won’t quit. Is it any wonder Americans are trying to do more with less?

    Industry experts project the refurbished laptop market will rise considerably beyond expectations between 2020 and 2025. The refurbished smartphone market alone is projected to grow by 332.9 million units worldwide by 2023. By choosing refurbished, also known as reconditioned, or remanufactured, more people are discovering they can enjoy electronics that are better than new, because they are more sustainable and less expensive.

    Better Than New

    Many Americans will spend $5 on a latte regardless o

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  6. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her: 5 Gifts Under $100

    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her: 5 Gifts Under $100

    Check out five new and refurbished electronics gifts for her–just in time for Valentine’s Day!

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means you’re ready to start ticking items off the list.

    • Card–check
    • Flowers–check
    • Chocolates–check.

    Who doesn’t love romantic notes, long-stem roses, and chocolate covered truffles? Typical Valentine’s Day gifts are great, but your options shouldn’t end there. Diamond’s don’t need to be the only “girl’s best friend”. This year, step into the 21st century and shower her with high-quality new and refurbished electronics to match her favorite activities. From games to music, to every smart device in between.

    If you’re on the hunt for the perfect electronics Valentine’s Day gifts for her, has the best deals on new and refurbished products from top brands. Melt her heart this year– not your wallet.

    Here we offer five hot deal

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  7. Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Him Under $100

    Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Gifts for Him Under $100

    Get the guide to new and refurbished electronics gifts for him–just in time for Valentine’s Day!

    February is here and that means Cupid is loading his bow in preparation for the most romantic holiday–Valentine’s Day. But on a day centered around flowers, diamonds, and plush teddy bears, how can you show the man in your life some love? Stick with what pulls at nearly every guy’s heart strings—electronics!

    If you’re searching for the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him, has the best deals on the top brands in tech. Save money on the hottest refurbished electronics you can blow kisses this year–not your budget.

    Here we feature 5 Valentine’s Day gifts under $100 to melt your man’s heart.

    1. Refurbished Sony DSC-H300/BM 20.1MP High Zoom Point and Shoot Camera 35x Zoom Black

    Refurbished Sony DSC-H300/BM 20.1MP High Zoom Point and Shoot Camera 35x Zoom Black

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  8. Best Used Smart TVs to Buy on the Cheap For the Super Bowl

    Best Used Smart TVs to Buy on the Cheap For the Super Bowl

    Get The Store's guide to gently used smart TVs on the cheap! Refurbished to better-than-new quality and ready in time for Super Bowl 2021.

    Take me to the Super Bowl Smart TV deals!

    Super Bowl 2021 is coming. Are you ready? Whether you're hosting a small gathering or watching at home with the dog, you NEED a smart TV (for cheap) with crisp 4K quality, clear sound, and a sleek design to catch every detail of the game. Perhaps you couldn't care less whether the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs wins. In that case, you’ll still need a top-notch screen to witness The Weeknd’s epic half-time performance and the advertisements of the year. Whatever your preference on game night, chances are you're tuning in along with 100 million other Americans. Shouldn't you watch in style–without breaking your budget?

    Luckily you have access to high quality used smart TVs on the cheap during The Store's annual Super

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  9. Top 5 Refurbished Smart TV Deals For Super Bowl 2021

    Top 5 Refurbished Smart TV Deals For Super Bowl 2021

    Get the guide to new and refurbished smart TVs on the cheap! Just in time for Super Bowl 2021.  

    Take me to the Super Bowl Smart TV deals!

    You're either lucky or strategic. Regardless, if you avoided the temptation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday sales in hopes of snagging a sweeter deal on smart TVs for the Super Bowl, you've made a wise decision. The Store's Super Bowl deals are even better than Cyber Monday sales because we have so many TVs in stock! 

    After the holidays, we received thousands of smart TVs from electronics retailers and manufacturers. Many of the devices were returned, and open-box TVs that we have since refurbished to Certified ReStored perfection. But we also receive a ton of brand new, unopened 2020 smart TV models from stores that need to use their limited shelf space to make room from 2021 inventory. That means

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  10. Post-Christmas Deals: Top 5 Refurbished Smartphones on the Cheap

    Post-Christmas Deals: Top 5 Refurbished Smartphones on the Cheap

    Get the guide to buying discounted refurbished smartphones and unlocked cell phones after the holidays, on sale up to 70% off.

    Take me to the post-Christmas deals!

    Did you know holiday sales on refurbished smartphones get even better after the holidays are over!? You might think that sounds like a devious plot to trick customers into shopping more after Christmas. But the real reason we have mega post-holiday sales is simply that we have more inventory of iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and other unlocked smartphones to spare. Why? After the holidays, retailers and manufacturers send us all their truckloads of returned and brand-new overstock cell phones so we can ensure they're in perfect condition and offer them at deep discounts. When we have more products in stock, we have more discounts to offer! Don't you love that math?

    Of course, you do! You want low prices, but you also want to be sure you're receiving

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